Thursday, March 19, 2015

Congress Grid-Lock Is Endangering Lives

In my last post, Why Your Child Probably Isn't At Risk As A Sex-Trafficking Victim, I shared how sex-trafficking is endangering the lives of American girls who you may know and love.

This next post in my series, Top Ten Ways to Address National Issues, is addressing how congress grid-lock is preventing powerful bills from passing and securing a safer future for our beautiful children.

When I generated this list, I was not aware that there would be an ensuing battle over a sex-trafficking bill. Now, I am even more concerned about the way congress is handling national matters.

In an article written just two days ago by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, he shares his passion for the issue and the need to protect the people of Florida. Unfortunately, other congressmen are preventing this bill from going anywhere because they are determined to have it both ways.

It is frustrating to see the democratic party point fingers and blame republicans for putting stipulations into their bill that supports their point of view. After all, why would you work so hard to free women and children from bondage only to murder future women and children, creating more pain in an already heart wrenching situation. Republicans want to draw the moral line and make it known that America stands for what is right.

It is also frustrating to watch republicans pretend they have no other agenda. They knew the addition to the bill would aggravate Democrats. So, why not have an upfront conversation about it rather than put up your hands and blame the other party for not doing their do-diligence.

Why does it have to be every man for himself? Since when was watching out for ourselves and shouldering all of the work on our own the most efficient way to accomplish anything. If anything is going to get done, it is going to take a team effort.

How can WE fix this problem? Start by taking an active role in who is voted into these positions. For that matter,


Senators have a key role in our government. Don't overlook them. I started this series because the mid-term elections were at hand. If more people had taken the time to sort out the issues and put their support behind the right candidate, we may have people in office who were there to work.

There is another election coming. 2016 will not only be a presidential election, it will also be another opportunity to get senators into office who know how to get the job done.

Now is the time to gather information and decide who to support. Jump into your local and state politics. Take a look at what is really going on.

Who is doing the work?

What bills are on the floor?

What bills are being ignored? Why are they not moving anywhere?

Write to your congressmen.

Go to events. Meet them! Tell them what you think. And watch them.

It is YOUR job to watch them. They won't do it for you. So keep your eyes on every move. Because come election time, you shouldn't vote for their platform--you should vote for them. Vote based on their voting history and community involvement.

Lets put people in congress who are voting, not fighting!

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