Monday, January 26, 2015

What Would Jesus Do


My husband chocked a little on his own spit when I told him the title of this post. 

It was the mantra of my youth. I spent my later elementary years looking down at that band around my wrist, feeling guilty every time I made a mistake. 

Then it just became a joke.

Now, it is all but forgotten.

But, if we put the trend aside and take the statement for what it is, then we can allow it to reveal truth in our lives.

The truth is Jesus was a peaceful man.

Whenever I need some guidance and I don't really know what it is that I'm looking for, I turn to the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. 

This was one of those times.

I started writing this post about religious freedom at least 4 times. I really wanted to discuss the way Christians were being discriminated against and disenfranchised. I thought I might bring attention to the infiltration of hostile Muslim groups. But, I just couldn't put anything together. I couldn't find a focus. So, I went back to my focus. 

And it hit me.

As I read through those familiar verses, I felt the theme of Jesus' words wash over me. 

From the opening beatitude blessings to the revelation of the spirit of the law. He builds on the theme of peace until he hits the climax and really drives it home.

"You have heard it said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:43-44)

He then solidifies his meaning with example after example of how to choose the peaceful way and the humble way: giving, prayer, fasting in secret, living one day at a time, not passing judgment. Finally, and most importantly, he ends his list with seeking God earnestly.

So, while we may have the right as Americans to fight for our religious freedom, ask yourself: what are you fighting for?

Are you fighting for the right to say the name of Jesus or are you fighting for Jesus?

I think fighting about this at all misses the point. 

Jesus didn't come to fight. He came to redeem the broken.

Do you really want to preserve the freedom to proclaim the gospel for future generations? Then ask yourself: what would Jesus do?

Jesus humbled himself to the cross. Jesus spent hours in prayer. Jesus loved the unlovable. Jesus didn't have any financial goals. Jesus gave grace freely. Jesus spoke the truth in love. 

That should be our focus today. Not what is the best way to win back the public. Not who is right and who is wrong. Not a fair trial.

Simply This:

What. Would. Jesus. Do.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dear Dr.

Dear Doctors,
Thank you for your time and dedication to learning the most up to date studies in modern medicine. However, I am not convinced that modern medicine is the path for me. You see, I have not been so lucky. I feel as though I am the product of some improvised, half-cocked experiment. I don't feel cared for at all. I only feel misguided. Can you help me?

I have gone from doctor to doctor. I have been told many things. From "it's normal" and " it's in your mind," to "it's allergies," "it's because you need this drug," and "it's NOT that." But, none of it has helped.

I have never been asked "is this helping?"

What if you asked me? Or what if you asked "do you feel better?" What if you asked "What is the result you are looking for?" What if you asked?

If you asked, then I would say "no." No, it's not helping. No, I don't feel better. And what am I looking for? I am looking to feel whole. Not again, just for once. I am tired and I need your help. I don't need a band aid or a drug pitch. I need you to look at me. Observe me. Take time to see MY situation. And help me create a plan to fix me.

But you don't.

You don't take the time to listen. You don't have time to discuss what I really want to know--or, rather, what I don't want to know.

I don't want to know what the latest trials say. I have been a part of the generation of trials. The generation with the highest obesity rates, highest skin, kidney, and thyroid cancer rates (incidentally these are the same organs you would expect to take a significant hit from the types of drugs being placed on the market), highest suicide rates, and highest ADHD rates just to name a few. Scary things happen when we jump on the bandwagon of preliminary trials.

I don't want to know your opinion about specialized medicine. I want to see a specialist. You are not an allergist, a gastroenterologist, or a psychologist. So, please keep you ideas to yourself. Don't make me beg, plead, and holler. Just send me where I need to go and let the rest alone.

I also don't want to know your opinion of my parenting practices. You have seen me for three minutes. How dare you label me as overbearing, or reckless, or uneducated, or whatever else you want me to be so that you can ignore me. Beyond that, how dare you speak to me as if you know that I am what you say I am. What business is it to you?

If you would ask, then you would know that I am scared.

Scared that you will look right through me when I talk. Scared that you just want to get through this and move on. It seems that you have been told what to tell me and you expect me to follow suit. You don't look at my darling children and worry over the risks. You ignore my questions because you don't want to know. Why are babies dying? Why are cases of sever allergies and autism mounting? Why is infertility a bigger issue than ever before? Why are kids still getting measles and mumps? Why do I need to prevent this when it can raise the risk of THAT?

Since you won't ask, I will. Sadly, I already know the answer:

"It's simple, just take this pill."


Concerned Mother

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