Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Home, New Design

My husband and I have just finished moving to a new children's home to continue our ministry of relief house parenting here. Fun fact: all the houses are painted bright white on the interior. Everywhere. No options! So whats a mamma to do?
Decorate in black and white of course!!!
I am really excited about this change in style for me and I though you might enjoy coming along for the ride. We are still moving in; so, I will not post pictures until next week. Still, I though it might be fun to give you the low down on my decorating plans :)
My basic outline, as I have already indicated, is black and white. Obviously my walls are white. I am thinking I will do a creamish window treatment throughout the house and lots of wrought iron and other cute black decorating items. I will add cream in here and there as I see fit.
The other concept that I am really excited about is my color accenting. I plan to do a different accent for each room to give them all their own personality. The kitchen will be red, the living room will be gold (which I am loving most of all so far!), our bedroom will be a soft gray (hopefully very sexy :), our bathroom will be zebra print (I know it's not a color, but a theme works too I think...this is my way of having fun, but not being too out of this world since only we will see our bathroom :), and our kiddos' room has yet to be determined (we will decide next week when the sex of the new baby is discovered).
Anyhow, I hope this is a fun process for you to take a look at and I hope it inspires your inner decorator!

Ta ta for now!

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